Mechanical diagram of generator by one way flow -Eng. Doan Manh Dung

Mechanical diagram of generator by one way flow -Eng. Doan Manh Dung

On the occasion of September 2, 2021 – Vietnam’s National Day – the author decided to publish a mechanical model of a generator using ocean currents so that Vietnamese people can be confident in a bright Vietnam in the future during the time of Covid-19 pandemic.

The generator using ocean currents was invented by Eng.Doan Manh Dung and Eng. Doan Thanh Tung and announced on June 12, 2016 at a scientific conference of the Union of Science and Technology Associations of Ho Chi Minh City.The principle of the generator is based on the solution of using the Archimedes force to reduce the gravity of the rotating blade in the water. With this new method, the generator will be more efficient than other machines when using the same cross-section of the flow. Thanks to the new method with a vertical axis model, the generator system is located in the air, there is no need to be watertight, so it is cheap and easy to replace. Each module of the machine consists of two rotating drums, each with a diameter of 2 m and a depth of 2 m. With a flow rate of 1m/s, the two drums above can provide 14 KW/s or 50.4 MW/h as using the depth of 2m or 4m.

If using the  water depth of 4m, the generator must have a capacity of 28 KW/s, each module can provide an energy source of 100.8 MW/h. Especially with the model of arranging the modules in 2 rows, we can get maximize the full energy of the horizontal flow.

Two rotating drums with symbols 1a and 1b are lying in the water. The flow impacts on the drum and it let the drum to rotate. Two rotating drums will rotate in opposite directions.

On the rotating axis of the drum, there is a drum brake with symbols 2a and 2b, controlled by hydraulics, similar to the rear brake of a truck. The brake system is on the water.

Above the brake system is a system to change direction: from the vertical axis to the horizontal axis, by 2 conical gears, bearing symbols 3a and 3b.

Horizontal movement will go through the clutch  ( 4a and 4b ) and gearbox ( 5a and 5b)  with 2 speeds increased to 1500 rpm.

Both horizontal movements are integrated into one shaft by  3 conical gears  in which two connical gears attached the sytems getting more focer as the rear wheel of bicycle.

The output shaft of the force integrator will rotate a generator with a capacity of 14 KW with a 3-phase current of 380 V , if water depth of 2m is exploited. It will be 28 KW if water depth of 4m is exploied.

With the above model, all spare parts are available in Vietnam market. We are applying for permission to experiment at the downstream of Tri An hydropower plant.

It is hoped that this program will open a new way for Ho Chi Minh City- Vietnam in exploiting the tail stream of many hydro-power plants in the world.

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