Sand dikes in the coast of Vietnam

The author realizes the necessary of reporting the results of his research of forming sand dikes in central and southern Vietnam. The results point out that the sand dikes in Vietnam is a rare phenomenon in the world. Therefore,upto this time author have not yet known other information about this phenomenon in the world. But to the citizens in the central and southern Vietnam, the knowledge is very important to help the people to built the ports at the river gates for fishing port as well as the cargo ship,to determine the bay’s shallow and depth and its stability.It is itself to confirm the wrong of direction of dike at Dung Quat Port. That dike were accepted by a lot of well known scientists in the world. it also help us to determine the risk of the erosion at the coast as well as the alert for the tourist when bathing at the sea shore. Hopefully this study will be useful and practical in the application in production and life.